The benefits of health insurance

When you are sick or hospitalised, you need to focus on getting better and nothing else. While a medical aid will help you pay for private healthcare or you can opt for public healthcare, paying for expenses outside of the hospital will not come to a stop, even if you are unable to work.

Health insurance is there to help you pay for expenses such as groceries, utility bills, school fees and more while you’re hospitalised and unable to earn any income. Not having to worry about these expenses will enable to you focus all your energy on getting better and help you get back on your feet in quick time.

Fill in the form to find affordable health insurance to cover your day-to-day expenses when you’re hospitalised, so you can focus on recovering and not worry about money.

Why health insurance?

Why health insurance?

The top benefits of having health insurance

  • Supplemental cover for expenses outside of the hospital
  • No paperwork, blood tests or physical examinations required
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Range of plans available for you and your family
  • Up to R200,000 annual cover
  • Plans start from R265/month

Who we’ve helped

"It was so easy finding the health cover I needed on I’ll never go anywhere else to get health insurance."
-Sandy Botes

"Thank you for helping me find affordable health insurance. In just a few minutes I had a quote and could sign up for great cover."
- Tim Oliphant